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We have a strong track record of successfully delivering training in the broad area of racism and community cohesion. Along with our colleagues at Media Cultured, we have developed the Building Resilience and Championing Equality (BRACE) programme to support communities in building resilience to hateful ideologies and divisive narratives.

BRACE aims to

  • Inspire young people, practitioners and stakeholders across the UK by thinking in critical and personal terms about the dangers of extremism

  • Provide high-impact education and media-led alternative narratives,together with provisions for future grassroots projects that celebrate inclusion and diversity

Our workshops are organised  around the principles of advancing community cohesion, promoting anti-racism and inclusion. They build upon a successful pilot project we undertook in Manchester, February 2019:


At a cost of between £2500 -£4000 per event, you can help us bring our work to a national audience by sponsoring BRACE.


Our sessions can be either half-day or full-day group worskshops, while policy consultation and analysis of hate crimes are also available.


BRACE workshops include age-appropriate introductions to the main forms of extremism in Britain today (e.g. radical right and Islamist). The events also have a local focus with renowned speakers from the workshop’s location who can speak to the community’s grievances and concerns, combining grassroots experience with academic insight.

Additionally, the events invite audiences to express their commitment through legacy engagements – such as creative responses, anti-hate crime pledges and/or vocational accreditation – in order to demonstrate long-term sustainability.

BRACE events are tailored to the various audiences we present to, including those in policing, media, schools, regulatory bodies and private-sector companies.

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