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We have a strong track record of successfully delivering training in the broad area of anti-racism and building community cohesion. Our suite of training programs are developed and delivered in partnership with colleagues at Media Cultured. The programs range from those focused upon school pupils, to educators, up to counter-terror specialists.

  • Our courses are accredited by AIM.

  • Many of our courses offer CPD points. 

Please see a short video here of a bespoke event we did in Manchester in 2019 on 'Countering Hate and Extremism':



The Building Resilience and Championing Equality (BRACE) programme is designed to support school pupils in building resilience to hateful ideologies and divisive narratives.

BRACE seeks to:

  • Inspire young people across the UK by thinking in critical and personal terms about the dangers of extremism

  • Provide high-impact education and media-led alternative narratives, together with provisions for future grassroots projects that celebrate inclusion and diversity


BRACE sessions can be either half-day or full-day group workshopsThey include age-appropriate introductions to the main forms of extremism in Britain today (e.g. radical right and Islamist).

The events also have a local focus with guests from the workshop’s location who can speak to the community’s grievances and concerns, combining grassroots experience with academic insight. 

Extreme Right Wing Essentials

From policing to teaching, and healthcare to law, practitioners often find themselves dealing Extreme Right Wring (ERW) activists or sympathisers, as well as peoples whose lives have been affected ERW incidents. However, while the effects of the ERW activity can be felt widely, it is often difficult for people with limited training in this area to feel confident in responding to this type of extremism, or in detecting the key warning signs. 


Delivered as a two-day modular training package, ERW Essentials builds upon work by leading specialists in the field. This accredited, two-day training package seeks to help individuals to spot extremist tactics and signs of radicalisation, while also providing concrete training about how to act in scenarios that require a referral for safeguarding or deradicalisation. 

Using a mixture of interactive talks, breakout sessions and practical exercises, this training package highlights critical points for intervention as well as how to act sensitively, ethically, and effectively in such scenarios.

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

Over the last 50 years, more people have been killed by terrorism in Britain than anywhere else in Western Europe. While the main driver of this form of political violence in Northern Ireland has largely abated, in the 21st century new forms of terrorism have replaced sectarianism.

Delivered as a two-day modular training package broken into beginner (0.5 days); intermediate (1 day); and specialist (2 days), the course is led by recognised subject specialists. Aimed at practitioners and stakeholders at various levels of familiarity with ERWT and Islamist terrorism, the aim of this training package is to help responsible individuals to better understand, prepare for and respond to terrorist radicalisation and attacks, while also providing concrete training about how to act in scenarios that relate to the revised (2018) CONTEST strategy.

Left-Wing, Anarchist and Single-Issue Terrorism (LASIT) Training Course

In recent decades, extremists’ motivation, strategy, and weapons have changed greatly. The anarchists and the left-wing terrorist groups, down through the ‘Red Armies’ that operated in Germany, Italy, and Japan in the 1970s, have largely vanished and have been superseded by right-wing and Islamist extremists. However, more hybridised, single-issue extremist LASIT (Left-Wing, Anarchist and Single-Issue Terrorism) threats have also re-emerged. 

In response, this intermediate and advanced two-day course is designed to offer an overview of LASIT and best practice when it comes to response. This course starts with defining the nature of the threat posed by LASIT actors and groups, before moving onto explore the different ideologies, tactics and recruitment strategies used by such actors, radicalisation and activism pathways will be covered, as well as blue-teaming strategies most appropriate in meeting such threat.

EDISU: Education, Diversity, Inclusion & Social Unity

The EDISU academia packages support strategies to attract, retain, and support International students. Designed for universities seeking to create a welcoming, knowledgeable and inclusive supportive environment for international students. Such experiences are proven to improve achievement, and foster a sense of belonging within their local communities for students from around the world.  

Understanding Islamism

This two-days course aims to equip P/CVE practitioners and key stakeholders with knowledge  on key concepts, including the progression from “radical" to "terrorist”, the differences between “Islamic" and "Islamist”, key narratives and their origins, as well as on the most prominent Islamist actors in the UK and their recruitment strategies.

Voices Unheard: Empowering Refugee and Migrant Communities Through Media

We support emerging refugee and migrant communities by empowering individuals through media literacy education and digital storytelling, enabling them to share their experiences and challenge negative narratives. 


By amplifying their voices and showcasing contributions, we aim to foster social cohesion, break down barriers, and protect these communities from discrimination.

Change The Game:  Gaming & Art Events

Unique gaming and art events that educate against divisions and hate while promoting peace and understanding. Art, gaming and the metaverse are incredibly effective creative platforms that provide participants with an engaging opportunity to learn and connect.

Preventing Extremism & Promoting Unity

These workshops are designed to ‘train the trainer’, providing the tools and experience to share knowledge and practices with other members of their organisation and service users. 

Racial Justice, Equality & Inclusion

Sessions on the Black Lives Matter movement, the rise in hate post Covid-19 and searching for a better ‘New Normal’ for all of us.

Communities & Shared Values 

Community Cohesion and Shared Values assemblies and presentations aimed at children aged 12+.

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