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We have over two decades of experience in copyediting and proofreading, having worked with everyone from undergraduates through to senior professors, non-profit publishers, government departments and private companies.

Our copyediting rates are very competitive. Typically we charge individuals £80 for a first 1000 words, then £15 per 1000 words beyond that. So, having a 5,000 word article copyedited costs only £140, while a 60,000 word project would be £965. Prices can vary, for example if you need a job done very quickly (add 25%), or if you are pre-PhD (reduce by 25%).

If you are interested in discussing how we can help, please get in touch with the following:

  • The title and a brief description of the work

  • The approximate word count 

  • A note on where you envisage the work ending up (e.g. as a PhD, journal article etc.)

  • Your preferred deadlines



We have indexed a number of academic books for various publishers and individuals, and we will be happy to save you this time-consuming aspect of your project.


Our associate editors have particular strengths in French, German, Greek, Romanian and Polish and are able to translate work to and from English. We are able to translate whole books or articles, as well as more specialised selections of text.


We have a lot of experience working with texts first published in the early twentieth century – the period just emerging from traditional forms of copyright protection in the United Kingdom – as well as dealing with the copyright issues pertaining to reproducing all sorts of digital, video and audio materials. We therefore have both legal knowledge and practical experience of securing copyright clearance, as well as wide knowledge of 'fair use.' We can also provide guidance on sensitive and practical communication with copyright holders and estates, in addition to publishers, agents and other rights holders and stakeholders in the UK and abroad.


Securing research funding is increasingly challenging and specialised. Our partners have captured grants from governmental and third sector bodies and will be happy to provide the benefits of this experience. They monitor new funding calls and can help you to write your application, provide advice on your draft, or provide costings. No success is guaranteed, but specialist insight can give your bid the best chance possible.

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