We are trained academics who are intent on finding original ways of providing academic expertise in the humanities to a range of clients in the public and private sectors.



We are proud to work closely with colleagues who specialise in the radical right in order to provide world-leading expertise in this rapidly developing area. Clients include digital service providers, governmental counter-terrorism divisions, NGOs, police organisations and think tanks, among others.


We have copy-editing contracts with international publishers as well as with universities, and we are also glad to take enquires from individuals; we can take on any project from 100 to over 100,000 words. Our copy-editors are experts in various fields within the humanities and all are highly trained to PhD level. We also provide indexing, proofreading and other ancillary research-related services.


In collaboration with various colleagues, including Media Cultured, we provide training on counter-extremism, anti-racism and safeguarding. Training can be tailored to your particular audience; we have experience working with diverse groups from schoolchildren to counter-terrorism police.





Professor Matthew Feldman served as my advisor over several academic projects and assisted greatly in editorial work on my academic papers and doctoral dissertation. His command of language and knowledge of modern history in particular are awe-inspiring. As English is not my native language, Matthew worked with me extensively over Skype to listen carefully to my arguments, so he could help me craft the right message, as well as pushing me to more boldness and excellence when it came to the written versions of those arguments. Matthew helped me create stronger and more coherent written arguments, adding a needed layer of editorial command without compromising my authentic voice and ideas. I highly recommend the talented and brilliant Matthew Feldman!

Dr Eliot Assoudeh


Professor Feldman is not only a leading scholar in his field but is also a superb copy-editor. His methodical, thorough and friendly approach has been, and continues to be, an asset to my educational journey. He is genuinely interested in the work of his students and regularly exceeds their expectations. Coming from a literary background, Matt’s excellent proofreading and copy-writing skills have not only significantly enhanced the structure of my thesis but has also improved my writing ability considerably. Matthew will be a huge benefit to those who acquire his services.

Rob May, 3rd Year PhD student


David Tucker was a diligent and able editor of The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory and through his term of office demonstrated an acute ability to handle articles with care and attention and also adhere tightly to the publication schedule. I am sure he will bring the same rigour to his new editing business.

Clare Morton, Senior Publisher, Oxford University Press


I had the pleasure of working with Dr David Tucker for my Ph.D. thesis. He was always very careful and provided very clear and useful suggestions. All I can say is that I am very glad to have worked with David. He met my deadlines and edited my thesis, the service provided is excellent and I recommend him to anyone who is seeking editing services.

Dr Pavneet Kaur