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Countering Extremism

ACS and our partners are experts in the histories and contemporary manifestations of extremism in various forms.

(The following services are adult-focused; please see our 'For Pupils' page for our related services offered to school-age children.)


Our specialist services in these areas are focused around: 


We offer hourly, half-day, and daylong training sessions, on topics ranging from analysis of the radical right in Britain today, to sessions on anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, hate crimes and anti-Muslim prejudice, ideological radicalisation and online extremism, as well as triggers for violent extremism and terrorism. Our facilitators have worked with a range of government departments, courts and third-sector partners in developing a practice-focused, informationally robust and cutting-edge range of packages that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. From upskilling for Prevent officers to safeguarding in Higher Education, we have you covered.




Our experts in this area have decades of experience collating, categorising and critiquing arguments advocating destructive jihad. We can produce reports and content in this area, as well as train professionals on various elements such as distinguishing between different types of islamist-inspired extremism. We are also able to arrange interventions for vulnerable individuals or those who may otherwise be susceptible to extremist propaganda. 



ACS and our affiliate organisations are experts in the history and development of interpersonal abuse online including misogyny, trolling and various kinds of hate, in the UK and internationally. We provide a range of services to support responses to the growing range of threats and risks online.



We are experts in multicultural tolerance and have a strong track record of successfully delivering training and consultancy in this area. Specialisms extend to safeguarding knowledge, in particular Prevent and Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP), in keeping with the CTSA 2015 bill. Our training sessions can be either half-day or full-day group seminars, while our policy consultation and analysis of hate crimes is also available; we focus upon awareness-raising and tolerance, notably in respect of anti-minority discrimination, policies for inclusion and community cohesion in Britain, and our network of key government and third sector stakeholders is extensive. All these elements can be brought to bear to suit your particular needs with bespoke training and learning materials.