Technical Support




Need an event recorded? How about a drama production for posterity, or to demonstrate impact? We work with specialists who will bring their own equipment to you. They are familiar with various recording formats as well as editing and uploading to a variety of platforms: your departmental website or social media and YouTube. We can also help you to develop promotional videos and organise training courses too!  




Using the highest quality in sound capture, ACS can record your seminar, conference or launch event. Working with digital specialists, we can also upload your recorded event onto highly-visible platforms. This includes specialist design features, audio editing to maximise quality, and even webpage building, with facilities for abstract and PowerPoint placement. Professional, impactful and of the highest technical quality, you’ll be delighted with the podcasting and audio services we provide  




Our partners can design and launch a high-quality website for you, your department or organisation. Need technical help with the ‘back end’? We have you covered. Interested in going beyond standard designs, or integrating your website across various platforms (such as social media)? We have the experience and can offer an experienced designer’s eye to guarantee a professional site, incorporating various media, blogging capabilities or whatever you want from your own archive. Our design partners are especially attuned to academic and professional needs, right down to creative commons licenses and copyright clearance.


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