ACS and our partners are experts in the histories and contemporary manifestations of extremism in various forms.

Our specialist services in these areas are focused around: 


These half-day and day-long events introduce an audience to a range of perspectives around types of extremism. Featuring presentations by subject specialists and survivors of hate crimes, with staged debates between extremist viewpoints alongside accounts of islamist and radical-right extremism, audiences are exposed to alternative narratives that are tailored to upskill and empower them in countering hate within their organisations and communities. Additionally, the events invite audiences to express their commitment through legacy engagements – such as creative responses, anti-hate crime pledges and/or vocational accreditation – in order to demonstrate long-term sustainability. These events are tailored to the various audiences we present to, including those in policing, media, schools, regulatory bodies and private-sector companies. Please see the video of our pilot project held in Manchester, February 2019, here.



We provide world-leading expertise on the radical right in Britain and abroad. This includes specialisation on antisemitism and Holocaust denial, hate crimes and anti-Muslim prejudice, ideological radicalisation and political violence. We have worked with a range of government departments, courts and third-sector partners in developing a practice-focused, informationally robust and cutting-edge range of packages. These can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. From upskilling for CSPOs and practitioners to knowledge transfer in Higher Education, we have you covered. Previous project outcomes have included:



ACS and our affiliate organisations are experts in the history and development of hate incidents and attacks online, including misogyny, ethnic and religion-based extremism, in the UK and internationally. We provide a range of services to support responses to the growing range of threats and risks online. These elements can be brought to bear to suit your particular needs with bespoke training and learning materials.



We have a strong track record of successfully delivering training and consultancy in the broad area of community cohesion. Specialisms extend to safeguarding, counter extremism, and WRAP. Our sessions can be either half-day or full-day group seminars, while policy consultation and analysis of hate crimes is also available. We focus upon awareness-raising and tolerance, notably in respect of anti-minority discrimination, policies for inclusion. Our network of key government and third-sector stakeholders is extensive.


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