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Research Support




Securing research funding is increasingly challenging and specialised. Our partners have captured grants from governmental and third sector bodies and will be happy to provide the benefits of this experience. They monitor new funding calls and can help you to develop your medium- to large-scale bids and can help you to write your specialist application, read over your draft, or provide costings with or without overheads. We also provide ‘value added’ services like cost efficiencies through to demonstrating impactful outcomes. No success is guaranteed, but specialist insight can give your bid the best chance possible.




We have organised more than a dozen international conferences in a range of humanities and social sciences fields. From getting the big pieces right – like CFPs and planning programmes – right down to making sure the coffee is hot and the lunch on time, we have been there before. Securing venues, determining suitable registration fees, ensuring dissemination and widespread reach – whether leading up to your event or following it – all are areas in which we pride ourselves. This extends to one-off seminars with high visibility to year- or multi-year programmes. We can also help you to organise departmental away days. In drawing upon our experience, we’ll help you to get your event just right.




We have a lot of experience working with texts first published in the early twentieth century – the period just emerging from traditional forms of copyright protection in the United Kingdom – as well as dealing with the copyright issues pertaining to reproducing all sorts of texts, digital, video and audio materials. We therefore have both legal knowledge and practical experience of securing copyright clearance, as well as wide knowledge of ‘fair use’. We can also provide guidance on sensitive and practical communication with copyright holders and Estates, in addition to publishers, agents and other rights holders and stakeholders in the United Kingdom and abroad.




Need a research specialist in an area of the Humanities or Social Sciences? From quantitative methods of data collection and dissemination to unravelling critical theory or locating someone to give a media interview on a given topic, our team of specialists can provide the expertise you are searching for. 




Need to visit an archive or library in the United Kingdom? We can do it for you! Want to secure materials from a British copyright library, need to transcribe or photograph hard to find materials? With partners able to travel to all points in Britain we can get what you need in your chosen format. Day- and week-long rates are available. We can also take professional-quality notes on those out-of-print books or pamphlets, flagging up the key areas across chapters or even specifically-identified passages. Let our bookishness work for you, for transcription of handwriting or typescript materials, to data capture of larger collections.