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Our partners have been departmental REF leads in a number of institutions. Developing robust evidence toward the REF is our specialty, as is making the hard calls for who and what should be returned to maximise scores. We have a wide-ranging background on all aspects of REF 2008 / 2014 and are able to advise on how to improve ‘Environment’ scores, which items should be ‘double-weighted’, and how to build upon ‘underpinning research’ for Impact going forward. ACS can also help to draft REF Publication, Environment and Impact submissions, act as peer-reviewers, or offer policy-informed advice and troubleshooting. Our detailed familiarity with changing policies and new guidance is particularly strong in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

It’s still not too late to work with us before REF 2021!



ACS is watching deliberations toward the Teaching Excellence Framework closely. With decades of experience in teaching, administration and course management between our partners, we know what works in the classroom, and, importantly for the TEF, how to document and maximise this. What sorts of questions are needed for end of module evaluations? How can NSS scores be maximised? Above all, are there tricks and tips to earn a TEF gold? We can help you to develop policy in this emerging area, with a background in providing metrical evidence from a range of essential areas: modular handbooks and course guides; learning materials and evaluations; and administering best practice via QAA renewals and new modules, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.



If you are unsure about the implications of Brexit for your academic or business organisation, or you are concerned about your status as an employee in a quickly changing landscape, we can help you. From ‘deep dive’ policy consultation for European nationals through to the implications for organisations or institutions, our legal specialists have got their finger on the pulse of Brexit negotiations, with special emphasis on employment law.


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