For Students

ACS understands the many pressures today's students face and we are well placed to support you in a range of ways.

At ACS we enjoy teaching and we are experienced at it. We have taught at a number of universities and worked in Student Services so we have an excellent sense of what can best help a student improve their work and their future prospects. With that in mind, we are delighted to be able to offer a range of services specifically tailored to undergraduate and postgraduate students.  

Our student-focused services include: 


We know from experience that these things can help you both while you're at university but they can also give you a head start before you begin your degree. Don't struggle in your first year when we can make sure your writing and study skills are of a standard that means you hit the ground running! Information on our tutors can be found here.

Please see below for more details then contact us - we'll be glad to help.


Essays are perhaps the most crucial part of your university experience, and we can help you improve them. We have a range of specialist experienced university lecturers available who know how to focus on issues that are specific to your work. We can promise to pay very close attention to your work and to spend one-on-one time with you making sure it improves. If you feel you can do better but aren't sure exactly how, let us help.



Working your way through a topic is partly a matter of having access to relevant materials as well as the ability to sift through them efficiently. If you're struggling to find your way around a topic, we can help. We can source materials, we can organise them, we can even summarise them!


When it comes time to move on, either to university for the first time, within higher education for a  postgraduate qualification, or beyond, we can help you present yourself and your experience in the best possible light. Help includes CV formatting, application writing and interview training; we are here to help you succeed.





Our associate editors are fluent in most European languages and are able to translate work to and from English. We are able to translate anything from an extract of text, an essay, an article you need, a full-length dissertation or PhD. 

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