For Pupils

ACS offer exciting opportunities for school-age pupils, including our anti-extremism events and A-Level study days.

Our pupil-focused services include: 


We are very proud of our Countering Hate and Extremism (#CHEE) events. These day-long events introduce pupils to a range of perspectives around various types of extremism. With staged debates between extreme viewpoints alongside first-hand accounts of extremism from survivors of hate crimes, pupils are exposed to alternative narratives that are tailored to upskill and empower them to counter hate, division and extremism within their communities. Additionally, the events invite the pupils to express their commitment through provision of a tool kit and legacy engagements – such as an anti-hate crime pledge and/or vocational accreditation – in order to demonstrate long-term sustainability. 



Our A-Level Study Days provide students with the opportunity to participate in lectures and Q&A sessions as our leading academic specialists take students through the key content of the specification in a concise and accessible way. Typically a day comprises four hour-long talks on focused topics, alongside some introductions to studying at university level and a tour of the university campus where the event is held.


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